Monday, July 7, 2014

Sam Bradley #MusicMonday

We are so sorry for not posting a #MusicMonday last week! But, we are back this week with two videos! 

Some of you may have noticed that there is a newer app called "Timehop" that you can link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what you posted on this day every year since you joined social media. Today I was reminded that it has been exactly one year since the first video of the 'Late Night London Sessions' was posted! So, in honor of is the first video! 

The second video we decided on for today is the extremely beautiful video Sam and his sister made for 'Not Your Kind.' Enjoy! :) 

Also, Sam posted on Twitter today that he should be ready to start recording vocals tomorrow!!! I'm sure you all are just as excited as us to see where the new album will take Sam! 

Enjoy the rest of your Monday! 

A Soulful Sound Crew 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Sam Bradley #MusicMonday

Hello beautiful people!! 

Last week we asked you to send in your favorite Sam Bradley video! One submission from a lovely fan was picked for this week's video! 

Her pick?

Thank you for sharing this video with us! We appreciate it! :) 

Do you have a video you want to be a part of #MusicMonday?? Email the link to and we'll add it to the list of videos to share with everyone! 

In case you missed Sam's instagram photo from yesterday, he was working with the electric guitar!
It seems like the new album is coming along! We cannot wait to hear the end results of his hard work! 

A Soulful Sound Crew

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sam Bradley #MusicMonday

New Album News.
Well this past couple of weeks have been very busy in the Sam Bradley camp.
And god bless him, he is doing an amazing job of keeping his fans informed of his progress with his forthcoming debut album.
From thank you messages on Facebook and Twitter to all who donated to Sam's #justask campaign, to posting photos of what's happening along the way, plus regular updates on and ER, HELLO!! LIVE STREAMING!! last week via
Now not everyone was lucky enough to witness this exciting new development due to being in different time zones, so for those who didn't see it, don't panic! It was a live stream of some tracking of acoustic guitars.
Whilst it's exciting to get a sneaky peek at what's coming on the new album, Sam does promise that there will be more live streams to come too, so fingers crossed he gives us more than a 5 minute heads up for the next one.
There has been lots of chatter between fans about which songs/style of new music should appear on the new album. We all have our personal favourites from seeing him perform them "Live" and there is quite an extensive list of tracks that Sam has never recorded on to an album. So whilst we patiently await confirmation from the man himself, let's indulge in sharing some of our best loved Sam music videos. Here's one from a few years back, but somehow the music style seems current. A sign?
Video credit to peebo55.
Why not send us your favourite Sam Bradley music videos to share by emailing a link to and we could feature it in our forthcoming #MusicMondays.


Monday, June 2, 2014

Sam Bradley #MusicMonday

Sam's #justask campaign reached out to his loyal fan base in a fundraising effort to support his forthcoming self produced DEBUT album.

This prompted our friends, the lovely Amber and LiLi over at Shack of Soul to #justask Sam for an interview for their fan site check it out HERE

So seeing as asking seems to be the trend, we thought we would join in the fun and #justask Sam for some inspiration for this weeks #MusicMonday.

He sent the following message.......

"A video I really like is this one. It's an oldie but a goodie."

"Working hard and the album is coming along. Lots of hiccups but that is the beauty of recording in a house!"

At the exact moment I was reading this, his latest Instagram photo popped up in my Twitter notifications which was very apt!

@samueltwitt1: Must be 18 or older || Really wanted to share this picture of me in the shower. 

It made us chuckle as that's Sam's sense of humour.

Then we watched his video recommendation and oh my!

It is an oldie but more than just a goodie. It rocks!!
Enjoy x

A Soulful Sound Crew