Friday, April 18, 2014

Sam Bradley: England to Canada and the Making of an Album case you missed it, Sam blogged yesterday on his website about what he's been up to this year! You can find the entire post at But, we here at A Soulful Sound wanted to kind of focus on one particular section of the post...his CD and how he intends to fund it. 

"While she is away I will be turning the house into a studio. I have been here for a few months now and have been writing new songs (not all of them quite finished) and will attempt to make my DEBUT ALBUM! I have tried to make albums in the past but due to complications have reduced them to EP’s so I am changing my outlook and this project will have a more DIY approach. I am very excited to see and hear what happens. 
I am going to try and come up with a few unique ways over the course of the next couple of months to try and raise a bit of money to get this project completed. My first idea is to eBay off my writing guitar so please keep an eye on twitter for when that happens!"

So, Sam will be a very busy person in the coming months! That's so exciting! We were jumping for joy yesterday with this news!

And...UNIQUE WAYS TO RAISE MONEY??? Excuse us while we go in search for all the change in our couch cushions so we can be ready to give it all over to Mr. Bradley. And....if anyone wants to join together to go in on bidding for Sam's guitar we can share custody of it....that's possible right? know what they say 'dream big or go home.' 

So, while Sam is busy recording and doing the fun things musicians do...we will be planning contests for those that donate to Sam's CD! So, on top of whatever cool things we know Sam will come up will also be entered to win something from us! 

But, until Sam makes those announcements and we're brainstorming some awesome prizes to those that your money and let's make this CD (and the tour that will hopefully follow) a possibility! 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We appreciate each of you and all you do for our site and Sam. 

A Soulful Sound Crew  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sam Bradley -- Recording Studio Photos

UPDATE:  Read Sam's Latest News via his website SAMBRADLEY.COM where he updates his fan on the very latest in his musical pursuits.

Here are a few photos of Sam in our second favorite place, a recording studio, (The Nimbus School of Recording Arts,

If you are taking notes, #1 would be on stage right in front of us.






NOTE:  Sam placed in the top ten acts for Nimbus' recording competition out of over 170 acts from all around the world!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sam Bradley #MusicMonday

Hello lovely people! We hope you are having a fabulous day!  Hopefully a better day than Sam..He posted a photo today via twitter showing a painful ankle injury!  OUCH!

(see pic if you dare)

Poor guy...we all hope he will be feeling better soon!

While looking for a song for our Music Monday Feature, we found this gem, Sugar Mama, written by drummer and member of Sam's backing band, "The Men", circa 1999, Mark Kerrey.

A Soulful Sound Crew

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sam Bradley Appears On The 29 Rock You Cancer Compilation -- Now Available!!

The 29 Rock You Cancer CD is now available!

The 29 Rock you Cancer, CD has many artists coming together to raise awareness for this charity. The CD, features the best in upcoming bands, as well as established artists, willing to help Edgar's Gift  raise awareness and funds.

Sam has donated a track for this worthy cause.  Not Your Kind is track #15 on Disc 1.

Track 1 | You Used to be OK – The Mutineers
Track 2 | No Way To Go – The Shapers
Track 3 | Fade Into Nothing – Furles
Track 4 | Trapt – Solice
Track 5 | Fake it All – Satellite Empire
Track 6 | She’s a Crowd – Kindred Shins
Track 7 | Supersonic Girl – The Delinquents
Track 8 | My Mind – The Cornerstones
Track 9 | To the Gallows – The Castellers
Track 10 | Your Love is my Release – Jersey Budd
Track 11 | Forever in your Debt – Slow Readers Club
Track 12 | Run from Sirens – Half Hour Hotel
Track 13 | A Day at the Beach – Chris J Priest
Track 14 | Listerine – Best Not Broken
Track 15 | Not Your Kind – Sam Bradley


Track 1 | This Sinking Ship – Riot Noise
Track 2 | Stones – Alexander McKay
Track 3 | Anything – A Wasted Effort
Track 4 | Charlie – The Deets
Track 5 | Demon – Lost in Olympus
Track 6 | Drivin’ – One Soul Thrust
Track 7| Record Player – The Bottom Line
Track 8 | Perfect Circles – Last Edition
Track 9 | You, Me Now – Even Nine
Track 10 | Boyz Got Fire – The Humanitarians
Track 11 | Rollin’ Over – Sisteray
Track 12 | Steam – Under a Banner
Track 13 | Tear the World Apart – High State
Track 14 | Star – Lewis Clay

Monday, March 31, 2014

Sam Bradley #MusicMonday

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!!

Tomorrow we'll be drawing the new Fan of the Month! And it's not too late to get those Tweets and RTs out there to get your name added in the mix! 

It will be a little later in the day due to the person in charge of that having class, but it will happen! So, keep a look out for that! x 

And here is today's edition of #MusicMonday! If little ones are near..this might not be the best song to play with them around. ;) 

Enjoy! xx 

A Soulful Sound Crew