Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sam Bradley #TuesdayTunes

Hello wonderful people! 
We missed Music Monday yesterday, so we're bringing you Tuesday Tunes today! 

Here is Sam Bradley and the Men performing 'Soho Whores' at Uncle Pleasant's in Louisville, KY on June 29, 2009. Enjoy! 

A Soulful Sound Crew 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

SAM BRADLEY - Supporting Lana Del Rey in Manchester

Sam onstage in Manchester at 02 Academy, Supporting Lana Del Rey!




"great show old sport!"

"you were awesome warming up lana :)"

"coolest guy ever"

 "top class performance, so glad you were called in last minute!"

"So glad I've discovered @samueltwitt1 because he supported tonight! Some good songs!"

"brilliant performance Sam thank you you remind me if a young Jeff Buckley!"

"great warm-up act! thanks for the awesome music, i'll be sure to download your EP!"

"one of the best support acts I've seen #lanadelrey #loveyou"

"definitely going to download your EP! Your warm up act at Lana Del Rey's concert was insane!"

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sam Bradley Fan Reactions to Not Your Kind

"His voice is smooth like honey, yet crisp like a cool autumn day."

"NotYourKind on full volume, I am sure my neighbours love it already.."

"I am beyond excited&happy to have some new music by my friend,  @samueltwitt1 this will be on repeat"

"Not your kind is probably my fav song on the EP."

"sandwiched between Patty Griffin and OCMS.. sounds EXACTLY RIGHT!  @samueltwitt1 @iTunesMusic #EPNotYourKind"

"Wondering how often I can listen to #notyourkind on repeat on my 6 hour train ride today "

"Got my @samueltwitt1 new EP!  LOVIN!!!!!! "

"I recently discovered Sam Bradley at a Ryan Keen gig, and have never looked back since. This guy can write a song and compose a melody. A true showman live, with meaningful lyrics about family, religion, observations etc etc! Once you have heard him you will love him too. "Science Prevents Me" is a personal favourite, as is the beautiful "Only Human'. 

Covering different genres, Sam's genre is mixed but not mixed up! Giving you a flavour of everything he can do.

Buy the EP, and discover your new favourite singer/songwriter.

Good luck Sam!"

"This album feels too real. Only human is one of my favorites for its raw touch and perfect sound. The album is diverse and one you can enjoy listening to every track."

Reaction from first time listener 

"I'm really loving it, to the point I'm checking his other stuff out on itunes this minute :)"

 to info@asoulfulsound.com

Fan Review

Sam Bradley - "Not Your Kind"

First and foremost, I'm a fan of Sam Bradley.  This is not news for anyone who knows me. I have planned vacations around his US Tour dates, and I have been known to leave my family for days at a time to see each and every one of his shows within a several hundred mile radius. Like I said....I'm a fan.

If you had asked me yesterday, I would have told you the only way to truly appreciate Sam's music is to see him live.  I have purchased his EP's and CD's and though I love them and listen to them A LOT, to me, there was something so much more connected between Sam and his music when you you have the opportunity to see him live. Beyond the fact that he is an engaging and quite funny entertainer, when Sam performs live he takes the audience right into that part of himself that the song came from. Whether he is playing the amusing "Passport" or the evocative  "Details" Sam always takes the audience right to "the place" with him.

That's what I would have said yesterday... today, with the release of Sam's "Not Your Kind" (available on iTunes today) Sam has given his fans, and the rest of the world, the live show experience of jumping into his music with him... in an EP.

To say that I was blown away by this wonderful offering from the young Mr. Bradley would be an huge understatement. I have heard some of these songs live... and though I was excitedly looking forward to owning them for myself.. I did not expect the impact this EP had on me.

I loved the country flavor given to the songs on this EP, but noted that Sam didn't leave his rocker side far away.  "Science Prevents Me" is an excellent example of the perfect blending of both the country and rock sides, the styles flowing into each other throughout the song. While the title track "Not Your Kind" is a sweet play of notes arranged with a solid country flair.  As does "Bless Her Soul" one of his newer songs on the EP.   It is an up tempo, full on country, that seems to speak of a female who just can't be stopped in her own pursuits, constantly changing, looking for the next thing.

Sam has always seemed, to this writer, to be an observer of all that goes on around him.  "Only Human"  is a song that beautifully  shows the observant side of this performer. He takes in the world around him, he sees more than most people, I think.

The absolute jewel on this EP, is "Little Sister".  It is difficult to describe with words the experience while listening to this song, except for possibly one, tears.  Many of Sam's fans have expressed that they feel a special connection to this song, perhaps because it seems to convey a universal feeling so many of us have experienced.  That feeling that we might have lost ourselves in a relationship.  The feeling that this was not what we had expected our lives to be, but maybe .. maybe things will change, if we stick with it. "Little Sister" reminds us, that though we may feel alone sometimes.... we aren't. If we could only find that one piece of ourselves that knows we can have, and deserve, better. 

With  "Not Your Kind" Sam Bradley has made the one connection I have been waiting for.  The one connection I knew he would get to.  He has brought his passion for his music, normally seen on stage, into the recording studio and given his fans their best listening experience yet, and reminded us all, despite the EP name, he really is our kind.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sam Bradley - EP REVIEW



Review of  Not Your Kind and Q&A with Producer Steve Power

Find out answers to these questions....and more!

How did you stretch the limits of Sam’s ability to pull out what you knew was already there?

What was it specifically about Sam Bradley that made you want to work with him?

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sam Bradley EXCLUSIVE Interview from UK Spring Tour 2013

Sam Bradley sat down exclusively with A Soulful Sound during UK Spring Tour 2013.

In this four part series (which will be updated here weekly building up to the EP release), Sam shares some tour tales, talks about his much anticipated release of Not Your Kind, his plans for the future and MORE!

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

Not Your Kind  digitally drops 20 May 2013 on iTunes  
(pre-order info coming soon)