Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sam Bradley Show Report - Notting Hill Arts Club

Sam Bradley
28th February 2012

Set List

Little Sister
People Get Ready (with Marcus Foster & Grace Lindsey)
Money in the Bank
Woman You Crazy
Go Back

People Get Ready!!  Photo Credit:  ML Healey
The venue for tonight’s performance was situated in London’s trendy Notting Hill. The Arts Club was somewhat rudimentary but served as an excellent backdrop for showcasing this singer’s gradually exuberant performance. He started off with ‘Little Sister’ to the intimate crowd where after a few minutes he settled into a nice groove as his confidence grew. This was followed by ‘Details’ which Bradley explained he had penned whilst in Nashville and had spun a yarn to the crowd there that he had spent time in prison – which I suppose was appropriate given the anecdotal nature of country music. ‘Passport’ followed this and this was where Bradley lost his footing and flubbed the words. I would say I was disappointed as this is my favourite of his songs (a reminder of the reviewer’s misspent youth) but in true Bradley-style, his charisma and light-hearted humour erased any awkwardness. It is this quality and easy rapport that Bradley has with his audience that explains why the singer has such a solid following. Next followed the real gem of the evening; Marcus Foster and his sister Grace Lindsey joined him to sing ‘People Get Ready’. This song was a perfect fusion of blues, early jazz and gospel (think New Orleans), where some of the lyrics were reminiscent of Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’. Grace Lindsey’s voice floored me. Quite simply it is stunning - and blended perfectly with Foster’s gravelly tone and Bradley’s crisper twang. I’d love to hear more from her in the coming year. Once Foster left the stage after the trio’s performance, the Bradley/Lindsey siblings covered the country song ‘Money in the Bank’ which was a fun tribute to what I assume was the music they grew up on (their mother is Country Singer Lee Lindsey). Bradley then sang his most mainstream but no less delectable number – ‘Woman You Crazy’ to the now larger dancing crowd.
Bradley concluded his set with ‘Go Back’ which nicely rounded the performance off. Bradley’s set was excellent although he was inexplicably nervous at the start. The guy has shedloads of talent as a singer/songwriter who oozes charisma and charm on the stage and is both humble and friendly when accepting well-deserved praise. I wish him every success in his forthcoming US tour with Marcus Foster. If you don’t add going to see these two musicians to your bucket list, you’re a fool!
Marie Louise Healey

Photo Credit:  ML Healey

Photo Credit:  ML Healey

Photo Credit:  ML Healey

Photo Credit:  ML Healey


Go Back

Sam and Grace, Money In The Bank

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