Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sam Bradley - Another Chance to View Sam's Rockwood Performance

Our first run of Sam's Rockwood Music Hall performance was a HUGE success!  That viewing period has ended and we'd like to do a second running.

How can you see this AMAZING performance?  (including the songs performed with Marcus Foster and Jack Standen)

Simply Spread The Word....

Tweet a friend, your local radio station, your favorite music blogger, etc.  SHARE Sam with the WORLD!

Tweet your person (or PEOPLE) about Sam.  Share a video, a thought, anything to get the word out!  (Feel free to utilize any of the videos on our YouTUBE channel HERE.)

Then send us your email address (that is tied to an ACTIVE YouTUBE account) by Friday, May 25th.   You can either @reply us your clever tweets, or send us a copy with your email address details.

THE FIRST 50 people who respond will be next to view this great set of music!  It will be available for 3 days.  Then the next 50 will be invited, and so on.  (The "50 count" is due to YouTUBE restrictions/allowance)

Let's make some noise!

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