Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sam Bradley - Show Report, Ronnie Scott's London 4 September 2012

Ronnie Scott's
4 September, 2012

by Swee Lee O'Gorman

What are the three main ingredients for a perfect gig? The answer is witty banter, an engaged audience and of course, the performer themselves.
These were all present at the very enjoyable gig by Sam Bradley at Ronnie Scott's Bar last night (September 4th). 
Having been to many shows of Mr Bradley's previously myself, he never fails to keep the audience amused with his hilarious chatter in between songs and how he is able to keep the audience moved with his incredible vocals (yes, they are spine-tingling) each time.

In addition to this, with his equally talented sister Grace Lindsey at hand, provided stunning vocals, accompanying him in their newly co-written song, 'Only Human'. Their blend of harmony topped the night off splendidly. You can clearly see the passion that the two artists have for their craft and this is also very heart-warming to see the support they have for one another and at each gig, whether or not there is one or both of them on the stage.
With these things in mind, I would encourage more and more people who have not been to see this fantastic musician perform, to do so. Not only will you experience real music and real talent, but it will make you want to come back supporting who I believe is a rising star. Mark my words.

See and hear VIDEO of this show HERE.

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