Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sam Bradley - Show Report, Ronnie Scotts London

Ronnie Scotts
2 October 2012

Set List

Little Sister
Science Prevents Me
Not Your Kind
Go Back

Photo credit:  missywray

It's October, it's absolutely pissing down, it's Tuesday and Van Morrison is in the house. But that’s not why I’m here. A Soulful Sound’s focal point and Ronnie Scott’s Bar resident Sam Bradley is performing.

What’s more... is that Sam has a really pretty appendage (Mind out of the gutter Shack of Soul!) – in the form of a new electric guitar.

Now, notwithstanding the vile weather and the sort-of famous bloke downstairs, the Bar was packed, and it was a joy to see Sam play to the audience size he deserves. ‘Little Sister’ and ‘Science Prevents Me’ sound great with the new instrument but I’m withholding judgment on the Country song that followed.

Esteemed colleague & videographer extraordinaire, Katie H has provided you with a visual reference – so you decide if you like the meatiness of the new guitar or the rawness of his unplugged performances.

This is now the 4th ‘TV Nights’ (nothing to do with transvestites) A Soulful Sound has attended and it’s clear that Sam is becoming a firm favourite not solely because of his musical ability and songwriting but his charm and his sometimes left of leftfield comments! His performances are crowd pleasers and although his music doesn’t fit into any one genre, there wasn’t one person who didn’t enjoy it.

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