Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sam Bradley - Show Report(s) O2 Academy Newcastle

O2 Academy
Newcastle, UK
19 April 2013


Too Far Gone
That’s How Strong My Love is (cover)
Little Sister
She Moves Me
(Charles Manson Speech)
Go Back

Sam’s musical/comedy show continued last night in Newcastle at the trendy venue, O2 Academy (part of the Academy Music Group.

Another talent was discovered when Sam recited an excerpt from Charles Manson’s speech from NBC’s 1987 interview.  His oration/performance of this was almost as impressive as his musical skills, making us think a career on the "dramatic stage" can also be on this young man's horizon.

Video of Manson's speech can be found here at the 3 min mark.

Photos:  Soulful Sights Photography

Another Fan Report from Newcastle!
 by:  Geordiechick1 and AAAMcD

Having seen Sam Bradley several times in London during the last year, we were extremely excited at the prospect of him playing at venues further North as per our frequent requests.

Friday night Newcastle – Since becoming fans of Sam, our kids have naturally become accustomed to hearing Sam’s dulcet tones and harmonies, having forced our musical influences down their throats all of their lives. They themselves have since become fans of Sam’s by proxy, so we were really excited to be able to take them to a local gig.  Swedish House Mafia who?

Joel was first up with his set, warming the audience nicely, followed swiftly by Sam who performed a combination of upbeat tracks and ballads and received a warm reception from a crowd of serious gig goers who were there to appreciate real live talent.  Appreciate they certainly did, as was evident by the queue to meet Sam afterwards and to buy his CD’s.

double your fun

Speaking with Sam after the gig, he told us the general feedback from the tour so far was very positive, and when commenting on his humorous interaction with the audience, he joked that he had been asked whether he was “a funny singer or a comedian who sings!”

Verdict from our teenage boys?........ “Totally awesome!”

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