Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sam Bradley Fan Photos/Video - The Prophet Bar, Dallas



video source

Fan's Live Reactions (via Twitter)

"Dear @samueltwitt1 that show was awesome! :)"
"Sam Bradley kicking ass at the Prophet Bar in Dallas @samueltwitt1" 
"Damn @samueltwitt1 is not only an amazing musician but he's hilarious!!"
"he's soo funny"
"Amazing show @samueltwitt1! Old skool and amazing. Yay #Dallas!"
"Dear Sam, you rock my world. Completely. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
"Great show tonight! You never disappoint!!!"
"For you @marcusfoster1 and @samueltwitt1 fans, #theprophetbar show was the best I've seen so far."
"thanks for a great show in Dallas! It was my first show and you gained a fan"
"@MarcusFoster1 & @samueltwitt1 were AMAZING! So happy I got to see them perform live again!"

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