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Sam Bradley Show Report - Prophet Bar, Dallas, TX

Sam Bradley
The Prophet Bar
Dallas, TX
April 5, 2012

Set list

Science Prevents me

Little Sister 

Story time with Sam/Details

Woman you crazy
That's How Strong My Love Is (Cover)
Not Your Kind (with dedication)
Too Far  Gone
Soho Whores

Sam takes the stage a little after 8 pm.  He is looking very happy, healthy, excited, (as were we) looking good, and wearing some sexy shoes.  He introduced himself, thanked us all for coming, and  mentioned Marcus Foster, and how amazing he is. I, as well as the rest of the crowd, agreed with him by woo-hooing our praise. (I know how you like those woo-hoos, Sam) Sam opened with the amazingly poignant song"Science Prevents Me."  There is something about Sam that is very..... electrifying, when he performs.  Much like flipping on a light switch, when Sam started his first song, it was like he turned the place on. Now, I am not real sure that I have the set list in the exact order, but I think I am pretty close.  Sam talked to us in between songs, once mentioning he was nervous.  Just so ya know, he didn't look it.  Sam went on to request that someone buy him a whiskey and he would pay them back. Low and behold Sam ended up with a handful of whiskey.  Good times!

Sam talked about time spent in Nashville, spending way too much time playing X-Box, and doing "other stuff" before pulling up Details.  I wish I had that story on video, but I didn't get it.  Sam played Details and his voice sounded as rich as ever. His guitar sound seemed to resonate bigger, rounder, better, while playing.  Amazing is the short way to phrase this....
During his set, Sam gave us the story of Odessa, Tx.  This I do have one video, and am so glad I got it, because Sam my dear, you were hilarious.  Your impression of a "sweet lil old Odessa woman" was classic.  The sound on this video is not the greatest, but it works.  I only got the story bit of it.  Sam told this story leading into "Passport".  I had a camera malfunction, so I apologize for the little song tease at the end.  Have a laugh, go on and watch it!

I apologize for the lack of footage from this show.  I have some videos that I am sharing, despite my technological fail, at making the sound good on them.  But, the ones I do have, they are high light moments. So watch them and listen with a careful ear.  Just know the videos do not do Sam's voice any justice what so ever. 

Half way through the set, Sam called out a little boy, named Kaden.  Sam asked Kaden to join him on stage.  He introduced Kaden as his friend, says that he's the man, and lets him say "hi." Sam, then excused Kaden.  Sam mentions to the audience as Kaden walks away, that "he is going to be a star!"  (Thank you, Muchly, from the bottom, all the way to the top of my heart, dear Sam.)   Kaden was taken by surprise and totally put off by the amount of loud shouts happy faces staring up for/at him.  He seemed  incredibly shy but I think that is understandable, Sam caught him by surprise.  This moment was an incredibly moving moment for me, as Kaden is my son, and I know better than anyone, what Sam did here, meant to him.  For 3 years Kaden has been asking me if he could join Sam on stage, just once.  I always told Kaden, that Sam is doing a job, and people are paying to see Sam entertain them with his music, so some things are just not easy to do.  Man.  Can you guess what my heart did, when he called Kaden up?  Knowing exactly what it was meaning to Kaden, my baby? Yes, my heart was melting.  This isn't all though.  After Sam excused Kaden from  the stage, he dedicated a song to him.  Kaden's little ears perked up like a puppy at play time.  I have this on video also.  Again, the sound is not great, and does no justice for Sam's sound at this show.  I uploaded it anyway, just for this story's sake.  Watch if you'd like. Sam dedicates "Not Your Kind" to my son, Kaden.  Sam also mentions, ( for the most part this is what is said, if ya can't understand in the video) "This next song is for Kaden.  This song   actually ah. doesnt have anything to do with Kaden. It's a new song I wrote recently, it's called Not Your Kind .....this is a song I am feeling very much right now, but not because its happening...."  Sam, you blow my mind. 

Moving on.  Sam eased us though this show will grace, hilarity, charm, and most importantly, Talent. Sam had us, the audience, completely engaged the entire time prompting us to clap along with Woman you Crazy, sing along with Too Far Gone, and humor us with his brilliant personality.  The highlight of the audience involvement is a tie between, the majority clapping and singing woman you crazy, and the whole house singing Too far gone with him, and keep it going, while he hunted down Marcus, so he could witness the audience, singing his song.  It. was. awesome. 

I unfortunately was not able to get any pics or video from Marcus Foster.(other than one after his set)  I am so kicking myself for this, as Marcus was beyond amazing.  Marcus woo'd the audience with his adorable ways, soothed us with his unfaltering, rich, soul seeping voice, and he blew our minds on his guitar.  Jack, Marcus's piano man, was an excellent accent to his set.  Amazing set.  Amazing musicians. I can NOT wait to see them again!

This pretty much wraps up everything my memory was able to store from this show.  We had a blast!  Lastly, I feel it is imperative to mention how much Sam Bradley has improved over the years.  His voice, his vibe, his presence, his guitar playing, ALL of Sam Bradley, is getting better and better.  This is the best show, I have attended for Sam.  Hands down. I have been to many shows. And yes, I do say that every time, however, isn't that how it's supposed to work? This is how we know Sam is working his heart out for us.  Sam Bradley, you are truly heaven sent.  I will forever have faith in you and with my whole heart, I  believe in you, your craft, your talent, everything. x

Even though it is not nearly enough, 
That is all, for now.

Show Reporter: DeEtta
video source

Future Star, Kaden!  Photo: ChristyB

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